XIX-th International Festival «VINNYTSIA JAZZFEST - 2015»

On 19-20 of September Vinnytsia again will turn into the jazz capital of Ukraine. These are the days of concerts of the XIX-th international festival ‘VINNYTSIA JAZZFEST 2015’.

Last year, due to the difficult situation in our country, the festival was postponed. It happened for the first time since 1996. Organizers of the festival have always found the opportunity to discover the best examples of jazz from around the world every year in spite of everything. Every positive emotion given by art is stronger than the real weapon because it gives us moral strength.

The point of view of the organizers is greatly supported by the majority of active citizens of Vinnytsia, constant festivalgoers and long-term partners who did a lot to make ‘VINNYTSIA JAZZFEST 2015’ real. Considering this we all can expect fireworks of emotions and a lot of great jazz music during the festival.

Festivalgoers will see and hear performances by stars of the world jazz scene from 9 countries. Vinnytsia will be presented by the ‘golden’ voice of our city Oksana Slavna. Together with the quartet ‘Expromt’ she will present a new music program with classic jazz and author's music combined.

Every year organizers try to present jazz in various ways, jazz performed by musicians from all around the world. In the XIX-th festival we will see jazz masters from Sweden, Estonia, Lithuania, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Armenia, USA and Ukraine.

According to tradition, which began in 2011, both days of the festival will start with the sounds of ‘Jazz de Paris’ at the Theater Square. The winners of the fifth nationwide competition for young jazz artists ‘JUNIOR JAZZ’ will sing outdoors. The final of this competition will take place on the eve of the festival. Young jazz performers will give their frantic energy to the street life, calling for the festival diversity.

On the first festival day, 19th of September, the audience should expect musical variety. You’ll get acquainted with the Scandinavian saxophone quartet, Estonian jazz-rock trio, the coolest (and familiar to Vinnytsia) Lithuanian jazz band, an acoustic duo from Austria. Fireworks of incredible jazz-funk from Germany will be the great final of the first day of festival.

The second day of the festival, September 20, will bring you some extraordinarily creative and interesting jazz music. You will see the real stars. Festivalgoers will be able to hear the sounds of Armenian music mixed with world-jazz from ‘Authentic Light Orchestra’, original jazz from the very heart of America and singing of dozen Ukrainian beauties from Kyiv who skillfully improvise – the band called ‘Freedom Jazz’.

About ‘Freedom Jazz’: They are bright, energetic and a little bit shocking! Kyiv’s group Freedom Jazz is ten beautiful and stylish girls, who play, sing and dance to the rhythm of jazz and whose appearance on the scene turns into a show you won’t forget. Retro chill, world hits, modern rhythm, fresh adaptations, shiny suits and shining smiles of these beauties, who are loved not only in Ukraine (they are guest-stars on TV-shows), but in Europe, will create unforgettable mood for Vinnytsia at the final concert of the festival. Each of ten jazz-girls has her own character and each has her share of beauty, talent and extravagance. ‘Freedom Jazz’ - Europe's only jazz band composed of only girls: three vocalists, some saxophones, one guitar and bass guitar, drums, trumpet and keyboards. The director, choreographer and producer of this girl-band is also a star - Elena Kolyadenko. These ladies know how to jazz!

For the first time the festival headliner is a star studded band from Ukraine. Their performance at the festival scene became possible because of personal invitation of Acting Vinnitsa Mayor, City Council Secretary Sergei Morgunov, who always emphasizes that Ukrainian music and art has a high professional level.

Therefore, positive and unforgettable impressions from various program of Vinnytsia Jazz Festival is guaranteed!

As in previous years, the Festival will cooperate with the television partner - Vinnytsia Regional State Broadcasting Company ‘VINTERA’. All concerts will be filmed and shown on the TV channel ‘VDT’ during ‘jazz week’, which will broadcast every day September 20-27, starting at 22:05.

The traditional partner of this television project is a scientific and production enterprise ‘MUR’.

The festival will continue its collaboration with the creative studio of Lyudmila Kvyetna. They make new clothes and fashionable images for the festival announcers Elena Kolesnikova and Svetlana Semashko. Over the past years the audience noted that each Kvyetna’s creation is exquisite and elegant. The designer’s confections add charm to the festival.

Festival organizers and Vinnytsia’s Research and Production Enterprise ‘Spilna Sprava’ created online booking system designed for the convenience of festivalgoers. Now you can book available tickets at any convenient time of day.

Information: Scientific and production enterprise ‘Spilna Sprava’ was created by scientists of Vinnytsia National Technical University. It works in the high technology market for more than ten years and carries out scientific and technical developments in the field of information technologies for leading companies of the world. In ‘Spilna Sprava’ there are more than ten PhDs, many software engineers and students. The company collaborates with leading IT-companies from USA, Germany, Britain and Israel and develops computer systems of great quality for various fields of human activity: financial sector, e-commerce, social networks, video programming, mobile programming and others. More information:; tel.0432-531675.

The organizers of the Festival not only managed to preserve the high international status of the event, but also kept their main principles of democracy and accessibility, keeping the prices for the tickets really available.

From August 28 you can order tickets by phone 690-025 or book by electronic ordering system online at

The Organizers:

Charitable Talent Development Fund ‘Podillya’

Vinnytsia City Council

The Municipal Enterprise ‘Center of concert and festival programs’

The Partners:

Embassy of Germany

Embassy of the United States

Embassy of Sweden

Ministry of Culture of Estonia

Estonian Cultural Capital Foundation

Lithuanian Culture Institute

Austrian Cultural Forum

Bavarian House in Odessa

Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia

The general information partner is Broadcasting Company ‘VINTERA’ (‘VDT’ channel). The general partner of the TV project ‘MUR’. Information partner is Broadcasting Company ‘VITA’. The jazzy style of announcers created by Lyudmila Kvyetna. IT partner is Scientific and production enterprise ‘Spilna Sprava’. Information support by Shopping mall ‘Sky Park’, The Municipal Enterprise ‘Vinnytsia TTU’ and SEC ‘Mehamol’.

Information partners are ITOP.FM, Ukrinform, VITA, TV-channel ‘Vinnichina’ and Broadcasting Company ‘Everest’. Internet portals: ‘My Vinnytsia’, ‘Vinnitsa OK’. Newspapers: ‘RIA’, ‘20 minutes’, ‘Nezavysymiy Courier’, ‘Misto’, ‘Vinnytska gazeta’, ‘Gazeta Po-Ukrainsky’. Radio: ‘Rocks’, ‘Music Radio’, ‘Misto Nad Bugom’, Radio ‘Melody’.