Ray Brown

A living legend, the only son of "Queen of Jazz" Ella Fitzgerald and one of the world's greatest double bass players Ray Brown!


The unsurpassed jazz and blues singer grew up and was brought up surrounded by real "jazz titans": Oscar Peterson, Louis Belson, Duke Ellington, Nat King Cole and Frank Sinatra.

His freedom in singing, brilliant improvisations, the ability to play with all the colors of his voice and the signature, purely American manner must be heard!

Ray Brown was born in New York and later moved to Los Angeles with his parents. His talent for music manifested itself from an early age. Already at Beverly Hills school, 10-year-old Ray began giving concerts and touring with local groups at local festivals. Then he played the piano and sang, and from the age of 14 he became interested in drums, playing with jazz veteran Billy Douglas, jazz icon of Los Angeles Chuck Flores and the famous drummer of the Duke Ellington Orchestra Louis Belson. Ray's talent grew so rapidly that within a few years he became a popular singer and drummer, and after moving to Seattle he began writing music and lyrics for songs.

In the 1990s, Ray Brown had his own show in Las Vegas, and in addition to regular performances at the most prestigious music festivals in the United States and Canada, he toured extensively in Japan and Korea.

Ray Brown Jr. has released "Stand by Me", "From the Heart" and "Time for Love" in jazz, blues and r & b styles, as well as the iconic album "Friends and Family", which consists of duets with the most famous US singers Dion Warwick, Jane Monheit, Paul Williams of The Temptations, Dr. John, Lonnie Smith, saxophonist David Newman, vibraphonist Terry Gibbs. And in this album you can hear a rare recording of the famous standard "How High The Moon", which Ray performs with his legendary parents.

Today, Ray Brown is actively touring around the world, singing not only jazz and blues, but also funk, soul and rock and roll. His luxurious timbre falls in love from the first notes, striking extremely professional, intelligent and at the same time - drive and mega-positive manner of performance. When he sings, he is unlike anyone else! His charming voice sounds extremely warm, with a unique "black" intonation, as if transferring to the famous jazz club Cotton of the 1930s, and then surprises, competing with the whistles of the flute on high notes.