Zbigniew Namyslovskyy Quartet (Poland)

Zbigniew Namyslovskyy Quartet (Poland)
concert - 22 september 21.00

Zbigniew Namyslovskyi is one of the few jazz musicians who cultivate the cultural traditions of their country. His interest in Polish folkis known also outside of Poland. His music is a mix of jazz and folk. Zbigniew Namyslovskyi Quintet Repertory consists of ethnic-jazz pieces. The repertoire of the group presents compositions, which are based on Polish folk dances, including oberek, mazurka, kuyav'yak, Krakowiak. The range of musicians’ interest is not limited by Poland, in some compositions influence of Arabic or Spanish music can be traced. Under the leadership of the Polish jazz meter Zbigniew Namyslovskyi talented musicians of the younger generation play in group. Zbigniew Namyslovskyy - leader, saxophones alt, soprano, sopranino
Jacek Namyslovskyi - trombone
Slawomir Yaskulke - piano
Mikhal Baranskyi - bass
Gzhegorz Gzhyb - percussion
Within the framework of the XVII Jazz Festival "International Days of Jazz music in Vinnytsia" in the streets of Vinnitsa city there will be a Polish Jazz Poster exhibition presented by known collector, a representative of Poster Gallery Krakow, Krzysztof Dydo