VinBend - Vocal Star Jazz: Vinnytsia’s jazz talents
concert - 22 september 16:00

On the musical map of Ukraine Vinnytsia’s Municipal Big-Band "VinBend" appeared in the spring of 2008. A young but popular team consists of the best musicians of our city. Among its artists are winners of jazz festivals. Band’s repertoire consists of jazz compositions, songs of Ukrainian authors and popular tunes translated for orchestra.
"VinBend" took part in the XIII and XIV festivals "International Days of Jazz in Vinnitsa", as well as in traditional Vinnitsia’s fetsyval "Colours of music of the twentieth century: Avant-garde. Classic. Jazz" and on major concert venues of the city. Excellent teamwork, clear collective sound and virtuosic improvisation - Vinnitsia has a good band with great potential and equally great future.
Artistic director and conductor of Vinnytsia’s Municipal Orchestra "VinBend" is a Honored Artist of Ukraine Valeriy Novosad. He graduated from the Moscow State Conservatoire P. I. Tchaikovsky in 1985 and worked for a long time as a military conductor and artistic director of military bands. Under his leadership, "VinBend" will perform a medley of well-known jazz compositions during ‘International Days of Jazz Music in Vinnitsia’.