BRASSOLOGY: Arkady Shilkloper (Germany) & Jon Sass (USA).

BRASSOLOGY: Arkady Shilkloper (Germany) & Jon Sass (USA). Genre: Jazz Improvisation

Arkady Shilkloper is a special friend of VINNYTSIA JAZZFEST. This unique Russian-German musician performs wonderful jazz on French horn, but playing on an alpine horn he improvises with such gusto, as if this instrument is most jazzy of all. During his long music life he played with many famous musicians. This time maestro brings to his fans in Vinnitsa a duet with Jon Sass, that is called BRASSOLOGY. Jon Sass is an extraordinary American tubist who can play light solos in his instrument. Shilkloper and Sass are two musicians and improvisers who give tube and horn new dimensions. All the sounds they pull out from their instruments – soft melodies and viscous groove-line, special effects and sounds – are really breathtaking. Musicians met in Vienna Art Orchestra. Together they create a sort of mini Big Band or a Marching Band of new formation, we can call them a chamber ensemble or an incredible jazz band. The musicians prove that French horn and tuba are made for each other and playing together they give rich, exciting and inspiring music. Today, the duo tours extensively around Europe, hitting the audience with not only luxurious tonal palette and splendid performing technique but also with a polystylistic program.