Pavel Fajt (Cheh respublic)

Pavel Fajt (Cheh respublic) Genre: drum-electronic performance
Paul Fejt (drums, "sound circle", electronics, voice)

Solo concert of the drummer at the jazz festival ...
Sounds bored? Immediately imagine a long solo, which, let's take its grub in the beginning, but it becomes more and more tedious ...
Immediately we will declare: all the above - categorically not about the concert of the Czech drummer Pavel Fayt!
Uniformity in his music will not find you, even if you try very hard!
Pavel Feith began his musical biography in the 80s of the last century. At the dawn of a career, as a composer, he collaborated with theaters, in 1983 he declared himself as a professional musician in the Dunaj group, the legend of the Czech alternative year. Two years later, along with the vocalist of this band, Ivoi Bittovoy created a duet that has gained recognition far beyond the borders of his native country: concerts simultaneously avant-garde and lyrical duo successfully passed in Europe, the USA and Japan. The musicians saw the legendary guitarist Fred Fritt, with whom they performed at one of the festivals in France and starred in the famous documentary Step Across the Border. In the 1990's, Paul Fight founded his own rock band Pluto. The team struck the audience with energetic and accessible for the mass listener songs, which, however, always balanced on the edge of the avant-garde.
The drummer has always remained open for musical experiments: with the American and Hungarian avant-gardists in the project The Danubians, with the Yakut singer-songwriter Stepanida Borisova, as well as performing the mystical music of Georgiy Gurdjieff with the German singer Unya Kastner. This list can be continued for a long time ... Until 2001, Paul Fight came to the format of solo experiments and released his first solo album, Drumtrek.
His logical sequel was the solo concert project Drumming Alley, which the musician will present at VINNYTSIA JAZZFEST-2018.
His essence is to show different musical styles with the help of drums and electronics.
Pavel Feyt's poly rhythmic palette is so wide that none of the concerts of the project repeats the previous one: much depends on the acoustics of the hall, the reaction of the public and the mood of the maestro.
Experienced music lovers study here and the classics, and ethnic rhythms.
A sensual listener will feel not only and not so much a complicated musical fabric, but rather - a session of musical therapy, densely mixed with Eastern philosophy and European musical tradition.
Pavel himself says that the most successful venues for such concerts are not concert halls, but galleries, churches, synagogues, castles, theaters, factory spaces and, of course, open air. It is in such places that the sound of the drums, the wonderful "sound circle", the voice and the synthesizers finds new content, radiating unexpected harmony in the environment and opening unknown worlds to the listeners.