Michal Martyniuk’s Quintet with the project «Nothing to Prove»

Michal Martyniuk’s Quintet with the project «Nothing to Prove» Genre: cover version with the elements of traditional American jazz and new tendencies of modern European music.
Michal Martynyuk (piano)
Bartec Choinasky (double bass)
Jakub Skovronsky (saxophone)
Jakub Mizeratsky (guitar)
Jakub Hubz (percussion)

The leader of the group, Michal Martynyuk, is a young, Polish pianist and composer who lived and studied in New Zealand for 10 years. He has a classical and jazz background, but what he loves most in music: is groove and soul. To look for inspiration he moved back to Poland, the country where he was born in. In May, 2018 Michal Martynyuk won the second prize at the musical contest “Made in New York” The music he writes is filled with happiness and sadness at the same time. Michal Martynyuk’s album «Nothing To Prove» is released by SJ Records. We are lucky to hear Michal Martynyuk’s Quintet with their project «Nothing to Prove» at “Vinnytsia JazzFest 2018”. The famous producer and musician Natan Hanse praised the project saying that Michal Martynyuk proves to be a unique composer.