DAS Hobos

Contemporary Railway Soundtracks! Post-country-type railway tracks meet cosmopolitan- digital laziness.

In the early 20th century homeless travelers were la- beled as Hobos. They used freight trains to travel across the country and earned money with minor jobs every now and then. The heyday of the Hobo- subculture is long gone. But the typical rail phenome- non is still inspiring. Once a year the musicians of Das Hobos retrieve themselves for a couple of days to live in old train sheds, between train tracks to live the “Das Hobos”-feeling and record one-take ses- sions. Inspired by this urban atmosphere, four records emerged over the past years until now. In the beginning there was the album “Memphis Buchloe”, which was released as digital release at “Camomille Records”/Montreal in 2012.
In 2014 the 7'' single "White Lines" followed in a limited edition of 63 pieces with hand-painted covers on the german label "In Gute Hände"/ Augsburg.
The following album "This is the place", which was also released on the Augsburger' label "In Gute Hände", could convert many music enthusiasts with its "roving music as complete artwork" (Michael Zirn- stein, Süddeutsche Zeitung) and could gain several laurels through its mixture of Post-Blues, Ambient Folk, Indie and Dub. The first limited edition of this album, also with hand-painted covers, first published in the autumn of 2014 was out of stock by then, with the result that because of the huge demand, in Au- gust 2015 there was a second edition.
In the beginning of December in 2016, the band released its new 7“ single "Cash Only" on the mu- nich based label "gutfeeling records"and went ac- cordingly on "Cash Only" Tour in November 2016 - presented by Bavarian Broadcast 2 / Zündfunk. Das Hobos are... Leo Hopfinger (vocal, guitar, bluesharp, production) Tom Simonetti (drums, electronics) Frank Nägele (guitar, guitarsynthesizer, bass) DAS Hobos Contemporary Railway Soundtracks Discography
2016 Cash Only Single 7“ (gutfeeling records/ December 2016) 2015 This Is The Place Vinyl LP – standard edition 2.Edition (In Gute Hände/ August 2015) 2015 V.A. Rock´n Roll People Vol 4 (Pico B´s Jodelin Sounds) 2014 This Is The Place Vinyl LP – art edition (In Gute Hände / October 2014) 2014 White Lines Single 7“ – (In Gute Hände / April 2014) 2012 Memphis Buchloe EP (Camomille Records Montreal/ January 2012) Credits
2016 Bavarian Broadcast 2/ PULS: voted the single „Cash Only“ among the top 5 music videos of december
2016 Cash Only Tour presented by Bavarian Broadcast 2/ Zündfunk in november 2016 Norman Cook aka Fatboy Slim picked the song „White Lines“ on his Beats1 Radioshow No.3 (on Apple Music) in october 2015 Roy-Award laureate, Pop-Award Augsburg, Category „Newcomer of the Year“ 2015 Radio nightsession with the author Franz Dobler and radiohost Ralf Summer (Bavarian Broadcast 2 ): „Unterwegs im nächtlichen Augsburg“ 2015 Several Open Air gigs, f.e. at Fusion-Festival/ Lärz Germany and at Modular-Festival/ Augsburg 2014 Bavarian Broadcast 2/ Zündfunk & Nachtmix single charts of the year: place 11 – Song „White Lines 2014 Bavarian Broadcast 2/ Zündfunk u. Nachtmix album charts of the year: place 17 „This is the Place“ 2014 Bavarian Broadcast 2/ PULS: band of the week, week no. 46/ 2014
2014 Bavarian Broadcast 2/ Zündfunk: album of the week, week no. 38/ 2014 2014 Bavarian Broadcast 2 Zündfunk: monthly song charts october: place 4 - Song „White Lines“ 2014 Balearic DJ legende Jon SaTrinxa/ Ibiza set the single „White Lines“ on place 1 of his top-ten charts on DMC-World Magazine in summer 2014
Press Ralf Summer – Bayerischer Rundfunk 2 Zündfunk „This is the most beautiful, melancholy indie-song of a band from southgermany since the release of the last Notwist album.“ Michael Zirnstein – Süddeutsche Zeitung „Roving music as complete artwork.“
„Die Road-Songs rattern durch eine Gedankenlandschaft aus Nacht, Nebel und Erinnerungen,etwa an David-Lynch- Filme.“ Franz Dobler/ Autor, DJ & Journalist „...die umwerfendste neue Band (...), die mich seit langem angegriffen hat.“ Dirk Schneider – Deutschlandfunk „(Es ist) ein sehr schöner musikalischer Kontrast (...), durch diese elektronische Anreicherung, Verfremdung.“
Martin Schmidt – A3 Kultur „DAS Hobos sind in der Pop-Lounge ein mit we inrotem Samt überzogener, wunderschöner Ohrensessel, in dessen Sitzfläche noch kein Mainstream-Arsch gepupst hat.“ Florian Kreier – Bayerischer Rundfunk 2 PULS „Mit Folk, Dub, Elektronik und Fieldrecording zaubern die Herrschaften unter ihrem neuen Namen eine der bemerkenswertesten deutschen Platten im Jahre 2014.“ Marcus Golling – Augsburger Allgemeine Zeitung „Sechs lange Songs zwischen Blues und Folk, die dubbig- sanft dahingleiten wie ein Nachtzug,... . “