Ahimsa - Indo-European fusion
concert - 22 september 18:30

The trio, consisting of guitarist from Munich and two musicians from India, was formed in 1999 when Matthias Muller met with South Indian violinist Neyveli Radhakrishna. Acquaintance grew into friendship, mutual admiration and musical partnership. Later they were joined by percussionist Udai Mazumdar.
Guitarist, composer and arranger Matthias Muller got a classical music education, participated in various musical projects and wrote music for films and television. He got interested in the culture and music of India, studied the music of South India and played with the greatest Indian musicians of our time. Neyveli Radhakrishna holds a Masters degree in Indian Music and plays violin since childhood. At age 13 he was the best violinist of South India and received the prestigious award. He is a versatile violinist that can play classical music as well as jazz. He plays the rare, unique and stereoscopic ten-string double violin with two fingerboards and one fiddle-bow. His original style and improvisational inventiveness is highly valued by Ravi Shankar, Anushka Shankar, John McLaughlin and others. He graced stages of Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles and Carnegie Hall in New York. The third member of the team, Udai Mazumdar plays the tabla, the most popular percussion instrument of India. He was one of the disciples of Ravi Shankar.
Ahimsa means ‘non-violence’ and ‘compassion for all living things’ in Sanskrit. The band ‘Ahimsa’, which at various times consisted of up to six musicians, released two albums that acquired broad critical acclaim. The sound of the trio is extraordinary and colorful combinations of authentic instruments and European guitar, Indian motifs and expression of jazz.