Roland Neffe's Trio Vibes Beyond - wonderful chimes

Roland Neffe's Trio Vibes Beyond - wonderful chimes
concert - 21 september 17.00

A well-known Austrian perkusionyst and composer Roland Neffe has been playing jazz and other improvised music on vibraphone and marimba in the many famous bands for several years. He continually creates new and exciting projects for jazz improvisations such as his new trio, called ‘Vibes Beyond’.
Classical and jazz drums Roland studied at the University of Music in Graz and in 1994-95 continued his studies at the famous Berklee College of Music. In 2009, musician formed a trio with Peter Herbert on bass and Reinhard Winkler on drums. Together they recorded a CD ‘Vibes Beyond’, that was very warmly received by critics and fans of the jazz harmonies and rhythm.
Listening to fantastic, skillful and inspired improvisations of the trio is a real pleasure. Roland Neffe’s play on the vibes is extremely individual and expressive: it cleverly creates tension and, with the help of deep sounds of the instrument, passes all shades of emotion. The sound of the trio is a symbiosis of avant-garde and simple exciting rhythms. Fast and accurate beats of little hammers on vibraphone, accompanied by bass and drums, create the sound that is on the verge of genres, but still can be described as jazz.
Roland Neffe’s Trio will bring a lot of exciting minutes of talented improvisation for Vinnitsia’s jazz lovers.