Benedikt Jahnel Trio

Benedikt Jahnel Trio - intellectual but romantic music
concert - 22 september 18:30

International trio, led by talented German pianist Benedikt Jahnel, includes also Spanish bassist Antonio Miguel and Canadian jazz drummer and percussionist Owen Howard. The musicians met and began playing in New York in 2008. Then they released their debut CD "Modular Concepts", which immediately declared them as daring jazz experimenters and improvisers, with the so-called modular approach to the composing songs. The long-awaited second album of the trio – “Equilibrium” (released on the ECM label in 2012) – is a well balanced, emotional and original music.
Benedikt Jahnel and his friends love to play with the forms of melodies and create a colorful musical canvas, multilevel and minimalist at the same time. But tendency to building almost architectural structures defines the essence of many albums of European jazz musicians. What distinguishes the trio is the way musicians play their parts. One of the experienced musicians can act as a soloist from time to time, but the trio can also demonstrate a fascinating interaction and actually play three solo parts simultaneously. However, all their complex compositions with impressionistic sound have a wonderful lyricism that captures the listener.
Accurate calculation in the creative jazz that Benedikt Jahnel trio plays is no coincidence, as Benedikt Jahnel has another profession - he is a mathematician. However, their composition cannot consider as dry, on the contrary, they are surprisingly full of air, the gentle breeze that makes fragments of melodies wander along the ambient sound generated by the usual classical musical instruments.