Kuba Stankiewicz

Kuba Stankiewicz - Classic Polish Jazz
concert - 21 september 21:00

Polish jazz music is a special world that is based on the trends dictated by European and American jazz, but at the same time having their own very specific topics. The famous Polish pianist Kuba Stankiewicz played not only with outstanding compatriots, but also with many American artists, including Artie Shaw Orchestra, saxophonist Scott Hamilton, singer Sheila Jordan.
Music that writes and performs Kuba Stankiewicz is a classic Polish Jazz: lyrical, romantic, melodic and brilliantly executed. He graduated the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston with honors and on his return to Poland Kuba brought his quartet. In 1993 he recorded the album «Northern Song» with his quartet. This album was recognized as the best jazz album of the year by «Jazz Forum» magazine. Several years later Kuba Stankiewicz released unicq album «Chopin Songbook».
Kuba Stankiewicz is well known not only as a composer, musician and teacher but also as an expert in creating music software (Apple Certified Logic Trainer).
The latest release in the discography of Kuba Stankevich is this year’s «Kilar» - this albim was awarded Poland's highest music award «Frederyk». The album is a collection of improvisations on the music of eminent Polish pianist and composer Wojciech Kilar, author of music for 162 films (including films directed by Roman Polanski, Krzysztof Zanussi, Andrzej Wajda, Francis Ford Coppola).
Songs from this album will sound at Vinnytsia Jazz Festival. The music is performed on solo piano and this minimal format let the listener enjoy the purity of the melody, romanticism and lyricism of the Polish maestro.