Niccolò Faraci Project (Italy)

Niccolò Faraci Project (Italy). Genre: modern jazz, free-jazz

It is an Italian quartet led by bassist and composer Niccolo Faraci. There are Achille Succi (saxophone), Lorenzo Paesani (piano), Gianluca Brugnano (drums). They will present their last album “It Came To Broadcast the Yucatan” that combines irreconcilable extremes at first glance: written and arranged music in the tradition of European classical music and American free jazz influences. Niccolo Faraci is an artist who always brings a part of his cultural heritage inside any project. He has studied music at the Siena Jazz Academy and in various conservatories, building his own personal language, made of strong cohesion between European aspect of contemporary music and Jazz. He plays and composes music with the mission to present his ideas to the attention of different audiences around the world. Now VINNYTSIA JAZZFEST will have an opportunity to hear exclusive modern jazz from Italy.