Max Gladetsky’s Sextet (Ukraine)

Project of Max Gladetsky and Yuri Shepeta (Ukraine). Genre: classic jazz

Yuri Shepeta and Maxim Gladetsky - are the Founding Fathers of VINNYTSIA JAZZFEST, who will present a special musical program in honor of the twentieth jubilee festival. We will listen to the sextet that includes well-known Ukrainian musicians, such as Yuri Shepeta - keyboards (Vinnytsia - Kyiv), Vladimir Kaminsky - keyboards (Kyiv), Max Gladetsky - bass (Vinnytsia - Kyiv), Alexander Pavlov - guitar (Zaporizhia), Artem Mendelenko - saxophone (Kyiv) and Valery Volkov - drums (Kherson). That set of musical instrument sounded at the legendary jam sessions at first jazz meetings in Vinnytsia. Audience will hear a special musical program that consists of compositions written by Maxim Gladetsky and Yury Shepeta. Some of them sounded at the first festivals. This performance will be a symbolic bridge of good jazz traditions based by Vinnytsia’s famous virtuosos. We keep those traditions alive.