Infiltrators (Lithuania)

Infiltrators (Lithuania). Genre: experimental jazz, free-jazz

The "Infiltrators" trio is more than just jazz. Each musician of this magical trio is more than a jazz musician. Attempting to lock their music into a particular genre would mean for the listener to lose a chance to experience infinity, the kind of which is being opened by the "Infiltrators" with every sound of the trio. The fusion of the experimental music, free jazz and ambient music, whatever you name them, is a hard task for anyone to identify the artworks that are born out of the wordless space. The brilliant drummer, percussionist Arkady Gotesman, along with the saxophone perfectionist Jan Maksimovich and probably the best Lithuanian keyboardist Dmitry Golovanov meet, aiming at not just creating of a new musical concept, neither another trio joining the jazz context, nor shaking, shocking, or calming down their comfortably seated music lovers. They meet in order to any primary cliché, stereotype or image shaped up in your head while going to the concert would break like a wave into the pier. They are here to show that any stereotype will fall apart in front of the harmony being born here and now. Music gourmands will be treated not only with exquisite delicacy. The audience will experience the entire birth of this music dish, also witnessing the three virtuosos creating a distinctive musical world, being rather an integral part of the world than an observer. Experience infiltration.