Holler my Dear (Germany-Austria)

Holler my Dear (Germany-Austria). Genre: folk, jazz, acoustic pop

It is a young band from Berlin that enchants with hearty Folk/Jazz/Acoustic Pop songs. Laura Winkler the singer and bandleader writes lovingly arranged songs full of details: sometimes gentle and dreamy, sometimes powerful and danceable. This sounds a little bit like Motown-Tango or Western-Klezmer. And it smells a little bit like a circus. Laura looks for melancholy in her melodies, but she sprinkles enough winks in her stories while she's singing about a troll or lets the moon disappear. Her austro-russian-denglish musicians join in with virtuosity and playfulness and together they play high energetic devoted concerts. The group proves progressive music can be done even without electronic effects. They colorfully stitched jazzy avant-enamored Chansonpop à la russe in balcanesque world music. Their sound is hearty and familiar, bitter-sweet and savory-sharp.