Clemens Orth Trio (Germany)

Clemens Orth Trio (Germany). Genre: experimental jazz

The pianist Clemens Orth uses external musical influences in his improvisations to set new priorities and to connect seemingly distant musical dots. Without leaving the internal space of jazz, his melodics unfold a colorful world full of inspiration and surprises which is perfectly complemented by Stefan Schoenegg on the bass and Silvio Morger on the drums. In his often quite extended piano intros, Orth demonstrates his affinity to elegiac free improvisation and his love of impressionism. Clemens Orth Trio shows us lots of brightness, movement, and tart romance. After several albums he recorded the complete "Nevermind" songs of 1991 by the cult and grunge band Nirvana in his own jazzy arrangements. The result is pure richness of color, varying from straight-ahead jazz to Asian accents, to Indian Ragas, to Balkan sounds and to the Western romantic of free improvisation, hip-hop grooves and experimental sounds grotesque Orth playing characterized by an extremely flexible and multi-faceted technology. Whether passionate or introverted, spirited or melancholy, always Orth looks relaxed and never overly intellectual. Atmospheric surfaces alternating with Groove, the lyrical moment is the common thread. Clemens Orth has a lot of Evans and Brubeck in his musical DNA but his imagination is all his own.