Igor Zakus’s Project “Spivanky” (Ukraine)

Igor Zakus’s Project “Spivanky” (Ukraine). Genre: world music

This musical project considered and realized by one of the best Ukrainian instrumentalists, the famous bass player Igor Zakus. Spivanky - Folk Songs in Western Ukraine, they arranged by Ukrainian jazz guru and performed by Ukrainian musicians Ivanka Chervinska (vocals) Rodion Ivanov (keyboards), Igor Zakus (bass) and Sergey Balalaev (drums). This is a combination of exquisite Ukrainian ethnics, folk style of singing and modern jazz vocal plus contemporary electronic sound. This music based on the roots of our land, but has a jazz reading. It is modern harmony and different styles and techniques of contemporary improvised music arranged together. “Spivanky” are beautiful Ukrainian folk songs, dressed in gorgeous jazz outfits.