Project «HG FunkTronic» (South Korea)

Project «HG FunkTronic» (South Korea) Genre: K-Jazz includes a mixture of jazz, electronic music and hip-hop.
Hong Gi Kim (percussion)
Bryan Shyn (trumpet, sound effects)
Hyunpil Shyn (saxophone)
Byunghul An (bass)
Huyang Kim (keyboard instruments, vocoder)
Huengo Kim (DJ Hunter)

This band is playing for the first time not only for “VINNYTSIA JAZZFEST - 2018”, but also in Ukraine. HG FunkTronic is a modern jazz band, having percussion, trumpet, sound effects, saxophone, bass, keyboard instruments, vocoder, DJ Hunter. Their unique style was created in 2015, after releasing the album «READY FOR CHANGE». the album was nominated as one of the best jazz albums in South Korea.The main composition «Way up east» was [resented by the famous rapper «A-Tlas» together with “HG FunkTronic”. The leader of the “HG FunkTronic” is Hong Gi Kim, who was born in Seoul in 1980. After finishing his studied at the Amsterdam Conservatory soon after he moved to NY. His touring in Europe, Asia with a Pop & Jazz musicians namely Laura Pygi, BMK, Jazzpark Bigband and HG funktronic as a leader. In 2013 he received a Korea Jazz Award best crossover & jazz album ‘Point of contact’ First prize. In 2013-2015 Jazz magazine ‘Jazz People’ he was nominated the title the best jazz drummer in Korea. Also, he is teaching at Seoul Institute of Music, Seo-kyung Univ and Baek-Seok University as a professor.