Project: The Lithuanian Trombones and Loretta Sungailene

Project: The Lithuanian Trombones and Loretta Sungailene Genre: a mixture of folk, jazz and fusion.
Loretta Sungailene (vocal)
Vitautas Pilibavichyus (trombone)
Remigiyus Gumulyauscas (trombone)
Thomas Karca (alto and tenor trombones)
Paulyus Batvinis (trombone)
Andrius Stasyulis (bass trombone)
Robertas Vilchynskas (percussion)

A unique quintet of professional trombonists, percussionist Robertas Vilčinskas and folk music artist Loreta Sungailienė. The creative experiment was founded in 2016 when they first performed in Birštonas jazz festival. The founder and initiator of “Lithuanian trombone project & Loreta Sungailienė” is the composer of many songs and trombone virtuoso Vytautas Pilibavičius. His improvisations and great work are known in the whole Europe. His colleagues are classical music and jazz artists, the great artists of Lithuanian State Symphony Orchestra, Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theatre and winners of various international competitions. They are Remigijus Gumuliauskas, Paulius Batvinis, Tomas Karka ir Audrius Stasiulis. Loreta Sungailienė is an ethnomusicologist and the hostess of many TV shows, a singer known as an explorer of folk songs and various folk projects, a participant of “Folkšokas“, „Sutartinės party“, „ZAP.4 elementai“ etc. She loves creative challenges offered by music professionals. This project is very special for her because she contributed to its development. The program of the project includes Lithuanian folk songs about family, work, war. Different regions of Lithuania reveals sensitive poetry, interesting melodies, modern jazz harmony and authentic style which merges with music interpretations. “Lithuanian trombone project & Loreta Sungailienė” is another modern look to folklore and also a new page in Lithuanian trombone music history. Open the glory of Lithuanian jazz music on the concert “Lithuanian Trombone Project & Loreta Sungailiene” on September, 23 at 6 p.m. at the VINNYTSIA JAZZFEST-2018!