Jeff Herr Corporation (Luxembourg)

Jeff Herr Corporation (Luxembourg). Genre: experimental jazz

The Jeff Herr Corporation is a Luxembourgish jazz trio founded in 2003 by the drummer and composer Jeff Herr. At that time a quartet, it consisted of musicians that Herr had met during his studies in Maastricht. After the release of two albums and numerous shows, with which they made a name for themselves as jazz band, the lineup changed from four to three in 2013. The new Corporation presents itself as linear trio, without the need for a harmonic instrument. Jeff Herr on drums, Maxime Bender on saxophone and Laurent Payfert on double bass form a highly skilled and energetic trio which surprises with dexterity and relies on the compositional abilities of each of the three members. Well-arranged and structured songs as well as wild and free improvisations cover the bands large repertoire which is filled with some surprising cover songs from well-known pop artists such as David Bowie or Jimi Hendrix. The strength and tightness of the band emerge from a strong rhythmical impact and emphasize the origins of music: the groove.